Askeen is comfort and sustainability. Our work matches Architecture with Design by focusing on natural and pure materials such as wood, glass, steel and bronze. Restoration and recovery interventions prompt us to explore and realise innovative high-level ideas. Tradition and modernity are in harmony. Special attention is paid to the ecological aspect.

Askeen is warmth, energy and light. Askeen products strengthen the dialogue between inside and outside. Our windows, sliding doors and glass facades open up a unique view of the world. Clear lines, elegant design and maximum transparency are our strengths. The craftsmanship, passion and dedication to the smallest details give to our products a very special character.


Villa TS_BergmeisterWolf Arch

Villa T_Monovolume

Villa F_Modus Architects

Villa P_Monovolume

Penthouse B_BergmeisterWolf Arch

Marmi Rossi_Silvia Bettini Arch

Casa S_Stifter-Bachmann Arch

Casa L_Messner Architects